Emily & Erhard

It is really difficult to take photos while crying. I learned this through experience at Emily & Erhard’s wedding. I cried three or four times at their wedding and I wasn’t the only one. The weight of their commitment to each other was so evident, one couldn’t help it.

I first met Emily & Erhard at the wedding of a mutual friend and was instantly struck by how beautiful they were together; the way they interacted, the way they danced, and the way they looked at each other. It’s not so much that they are physically beautiful - which of course they are - but rather their relationship which is beautiful. It’s the kind of beautiful that exists because something is so ‘right’. I knew I wanted to take their pictures, but I had no idea then how huge their impact on my life would be.

The first thing that will strike you when you meet them is their love for Jesus and other people. I have never met a couple more committed to loving people like God loves us. To them, their friends are family in the most real sense. It was evident to me when I took their engagement photos, and we stopped to pray for the healing of a strangers leg. It was evident when we met to discuss wedding plans and they encouraged me in my faith. It was even more evident at their wedding; hearing their friends and family tell stories exactly like mine, of interactions which moved them and shaped their faith.

Most evident is their love for God. At weddings, even Christian ones, it is usually the bridal couple that receives the most honour and praise. At Emily & Erhard’s wedding, it was God. He was the Guest of Honour, from the getting ready to the ceremony and the reception.

Now before you think it was all tears and reverence, I must tell you; this couple knows how to party! Joy is evident in their lives like I’ve not found it in other people I’ve met. And they were surrounded by people for who it was the same. The celebration was real!

I hope you get to meet them one day, or at very least people who are like them. These people are family to me. Everyone needs friends like them, and ought to be friends like them to others. Thank you Emily & Erhard - Thank you for letting me capture your special day, but thank you even more for the impact you’ve had on my life!