WEEK 3 - Inspiration: Black and White

This week I breathe a sigh of relief. It’s easy for me to be inspired.

I wish I had the ability to carry my camera around with me everywhere. In this past week along, there were at least four times that I saw a scene I wanted to capture but did not have my camera with me.

Sometimes it’s impractical to carry, other times it’s unsafe. There’s also the times where I do have it, but it’s really not feasible to stop. The last scenario typically happens while driving.

Week 3: Take an amazing Black and White photograph of any subject you want.


Anything… and you pick that?

Yes, yes I did.

There‘s something striking to me about clearly defined lines and heavy contrast. I find and create this kind of photo quite often, usually by looking up.

I look at the ceiling a lot. Whenever I step into a building, I’ll often look at the ceiling to see if there are any interesting architectural features. There are loads of interesting thing to photograph up there, especially as it’s becoming more and more common to not cover up the AC vents, light fittings and wiring and other goodies that most commercial buildings run through their ceilings

Recessed lighting for me is a particular favourite, as it almost always creates very clearly define lines in a photograph. This image has that.

About the Photo

This photo was taken at The Point mall in Sea Point, Cape Town. Bootleggers has a couch setup underneath a set of stairs that leads up to some office areas, and last week I sat down on it and did what I usually do, and that’s what I saw.


The photo was taken with on my Fuji X-T10 with the 18-55mm lens.

  • 30mm (45mm FF equivalent)

  • 1/70th sec

  • f/8

  • ISO1600

  • No Flash




There was not much to the editing; a bit of straightening in Lightroom, a handful of exposure adjustments and lastly some healing in Photoshop to take out the elements I didn’t like.


This was certainly the quickest and easiest photo to take during the challenge so far. It was all about the location, and just making sure I had my camera with me and ready.